Want To Have The Best Cat? Here Are Some Few Things to Train it On

Want To Have The Best Cat? Here Are Some Few Things to Train it On

Many people have the mentality that cats cannot be trained to do anything. Did you know you can train your cat to do some of the most amazing things? There are a number of things you can easily train your cat to do to make sure you have funny moments.

Things to Train Your Cat to Do

  1. Shaking Hands

This is among the best and fun things you can train your cat to do. This is a much simpler process and you are required to have a clicker. Start by tapping your cat’s paw as you say “shake”. You will then use the clicker when the cat starts moving its paw.

  1. To Respond When Called

Getting your cat to respond to your calls is one of the coolest thing you can have. It is even better when your cat gets used to running towards you when you call. It shows a clear and better relationship between you and your cat.

To do this, start by calling your cat’s name while you are holding its bowl. To get its attention, tap the bowl on the floor. The cat will move towards you. Once your cat get used to this, you can try doing this without the bowl. You can also increase the distance step by step.

  1. To Use The Toilet

This is trick is more important than fun. When you get your cat be use the toilet appropriately, then it becomes an easy experience for you to live with it.It also makes you feel more connected to the cat and respects it.

Here is how to go about it.Get a litter that most likely resembles the toilet. Once you have the litter, place it next to the toilet. Slowly keep on raising the level of the litter. You can use a stool to make sure that it gets to the level of the toilet.

You can also try placing the litter into toilet to get your cat used to the toilet.

  1. Get it To Beg

Some cats have a bad tendency of reaching for things such as snacks without begging. You can do this, allow the cat to reach for a snack and mark to warn it about the behavior. Give it the piece and practice this for some time.

Things to Watch Out For When Training a Cat

Here are some of the things to avoid when training your cat.

  1. Repeat the tricks until the cat has got used to the tricks
  2. Do not punish your cat
  3. Teach each trick independently
  4. Try using a clicker

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