DIY Chicken Coops Review: How Quickly Can You Do It by Yourself?

How do you like your chicken? Cooked? Raw? Healthy? We all know what a chicken is and, probably, how it tastes like but raising a chicken isn’t as easy as you think.

I’m pretty sure you’re here to find out how to raise a chicken and give them everything they need to obtain those fresh eggs.

Factors to Produce Healthy Chickens

  1. Environment

Environment affects the production of eggs. If you have noticed, people are more likely to raise chickens in the rural areas than in the city. The city is congested and unhealthy to raise chickens and other farm animals. There might also be rules in the law that do not allow to raise one.

Early in the morning, we will wake up from the crowing of a rooster. It does not fail to make a noise every day but why are roosters more likely to crow in the morning? Roosters have a body clock in order for them to be aware on when to crow.

Why do roosters crow?

This still has a vague answer. Roosters make sounds when they hear any object near them. Roosters are territorial and yearn for power. They are in charge of guiding the other chickens and at the same time, to stand on guard.

Roosters and Hens

  1. Food and Water

A healthy chicken needs basic needs met. It is important to change the water regularly if not, the chicken would often not drink this.

Chickens are sensitive to exposure to bacteria, they fall ill faster than other animals. Staying alert and checking up on them is a vital role as a chicken caretaker, if you notice how your chicken seems to be in a bad shape, call a veterinarian immediately to look at them.

There are different types of food for chickens. Foods such as high in calcium, mostly use for hens to produce healthy fertilized eggs.

  1. Shelter

Is it livable? Think for a minute, would you live in a place that is hot and noisy? Cramp and suffocating? surely not! A satisfied hen produces more fresh healthy eggs especially when they are well-kept.

Building A Chicken Coop

Before you even purchase chickens, you should first prioritize the place they would live in. It should be:

  • Spacious
    Do not neglect your chickens on a living-friendly chicken coop. Your chickens will produce more eggs when they could walk around and have some freedom.
  • Predator-free
    You should make sure that the chicken coop is fool-proof. Predators that may eat or frighten the chickens will not be able to destroy the shelter. It should be clean regularly so certain types of animals would not grow and make the chickens unhealthy.
  • Clean
    A clean chicken coop is important. Would you want to live in a place that is covered with poop and crumbs of food? No!

Chicken Coop

Now, how do we build a chicken coop that could check everything on the list? There are different kinds of chicken coop designs with different purposes, all you need to know are the basic things for your chickens. How many chickens will you take care of? Etc.

I wanted to farm chickens but did not have a lot of budget of buying a chicken coop. So, I was curious and searched on the internet to do my DIY Chicken Coops. I stumbled upon thousands of bad and good reviews on different sites for days until I found the most promising site I could find.

As soon as I researched this thoroughly, I clicked the ‘buy’ button and I got my book called “DIY Chicken Coops” by John White. Inside the book contains Illustrations of varieties of Chicken Coops, Materials needed, and step-by-step instructions on building your ideal chicken coop. The book is hundreds of pages long.


What is so different of John White’s ‘DIY Chicken Coops’? Well, for a beginner like me, I did not have any clue on how to start creating the building. The book has given me insights and basic knowledge on the right tools to use, wood, measurements, maintaining the coop, and at the same time, saving loads of money.

Chicken Coop Finished Product

There were a lot of reviews from people who used the book but there is a particular review that caught my eye.

The finished product the customer made was stunning and it’s thanks to the book for making it possible.

Other reviews from customers state how they, too, were beginners. ‘DIY Chicken Coops’ helps people in every step of the way. Another states that it took him one weekend to finish his first coop and has received praise from the results.

Reasons to buy John White’s ‘DIY Chicken Coops’

  • Beginner Friendly

As a beginner, It was easy to understand the procedures on making my first coop. It took only 2 people to build it in less than 2 weeks.

  • Information Overload

The book does not only contain the materials or details on how to build a chicken coop but it also covers up information’s on how to produce fresh healthy eggs, protection from predators and importance of other factors for your chicken to stay healthy.

  • Blueprints on every Coop Size

There are a number of coop plans and all you need to do is look it over one by one and know the coop which is ideal for you. John White’s book covers building plans from a few chickens to more than 50.

  • Less Time

A feedback from a customer of the product stated how it took only 2 days for him to finish the project. Meanwhile, it took me less than 2 weeks to gather the needed materials and start building!

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Benefits of Raising Chickens

  • Healthy Living

You will be able to control the amount your chickens eat, the kind of food they consume. Buying chickens in the supermarket is, in fact, dangerous.

Your health is at risk when you buy chickens in the supermarket. Why? You are not aware of the kind of environment or food the chicken consume. You could make your chickens have an organic diet, this way you will feel safer on what you consume.

  • Education

Raising chickens is not an easy task. You will need to read and ask for assistance (if you’re a beginner). There will be endless learning because raising animals is almost the same as creating a family. You need to give them time, love, and care.

  • Time Management

The chickens’ health is the most important aspect in raising chickens and you need to maintain it. The coop should be clean regularly, changing fresh food and water, and putting away freshly eggs immediately (before the hens might accidentally sit on it).

  • Natural Fertilizer

The waste discharge of chickens is natural fertilizers or soil for your garden. It can fasten the growth of your plants, it’s natural and cost-friendly.

Fresh Eggs

Detriments of Raising Chickens

  • High maintenance

The place your chicken live in should be clean and secure. You should regularly observe your chicken’s health. You should make it a point to give the chickens attention by cleaning their coop or giving food.

  • Noise

Before you can keep chickens, the neighbors need to be aware that you plan on taking care of one because it might disturb them (and you). You’ll always hear the crows and chirps of the chickens, you might get complaints in your neighborhood.

  • Expensive

Expense is one of the factors people weigh on. Chickens have a lot of needs and it’s your responsibility to satisfy and maintain these needs. Balancing the hens’ nutrition, in order for her to produce strong healthy eggs. That means you’ll need to stock up a certain type of food for them.
Your chickens should have a cleanly maintained coop, dangerous animals should not reach them or get through. The food they need to eat depends on what type you want.

  • Rodents

Food and shelter attract predators such as rodents. I hate these little pests! It’s possible they could transmute diseases and get the chickens ill. So, make sure the shelter is secure and always make it a point to clean it up!

Abundant of Chickens

Contents of the Package

The book comes with more freebies at a low price which are:

  1. Chicken Breed Guide: there are different types of chicken breed which you need to be familiar of. Thus, this book will give you an idea on the pros and cons of each type of breed.
  2. Selling Your Excess Eggs: You can never finish every egg your chicken lays which is why this will help you know how to start your business on selling your chicken eggs.
  3. Common Chicken Diseases: Since chickens are prone to diseases, this is one of the most important books you need to have. In order for you to be familiar with the signs and symptoms of the most common diseases.
  4. Starter Guide to Raising Chickens: This is another guide perfect for beginners on how to care for your chickens and importance of ventilation and insulation in different climates.

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DIY Chicken Coops Review: How Quickly Can You Do It by Yourself?
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