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Cat Spraying No More Review: Stop Your Cat’s Smelly Habit for Good

Most pet owners have difficulty in disciplining their animal, especially when it concerns on urinating in a designated area. One pet I can guarantee that is hard to train is a Cat. Honestly, Cats are hard to train especially when they are noticeably in control.

Did you know? According to a study, Cats are more in control. When a Cat makes sounds, the owner would give the cat attention. They would either receive food or some petting. Cats are quite smart, they are aware of their surroundings and observe well.

I have shared an apartment with my friend for years. She has a pet cat named Sal who urinates all over the house. So, every time I get home from work, the greetings I receive is the awful smell of the cat’s pee. It is especially stressful when you want to crash down in bed and travel to dreamland. Instead, I have to find where the cat peed and clean it up!


There are times when the cat would pee on the carpet, bed sheets, or my slippers! It made my blood boil but we cannot seem to train Sal to pee in her litter box. The only solution we could find was to lock the cat in a room – with the litter box and food – when we are not home, but this did not seem to help.

We were about to give up until a friend of mine came over to the apartment and told us the same issue and how he counter-attacked this. Now, his cat is peeing in the litter box and not anywhere else.

Solution To Your Problem

Michael told me to check out the website of Sarah Richards and her product ‘Cat Spraying No More’. My friend, Michael, is loyal to the product because it does what it says. It will help you in training your cat to stop peeing all over your house.

Reviews from fellow cat owners insist on its effectiveness. I read a review that says how her cat is frightened of something she does not seem to comprehend to the point that her cat would pee all over the house. Her cat would also be violent from no reason until she saw Sarah Richards’ website and bought the product. Now, she never glanced on another product again.

No more will you arrive in a smelly home. No more will you feel stress in cleaning up your cats’ mess. That is what ‘Cat Spraying No More’ claims (Also, what Michael and hundreds of cat lovers claim).

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That was also in my thoughts but since my friend claims its’ effectiveness. So, I bought one for myself. As soon as it arrived, I tried it out immediately. Weeks after, my cat stays in her litter box to urinate!

As I read and scan the materials, it made my brain light up. Funny how that sounds but seriously, the techniques is so easy that we can claim ourselves as professionals.

So, why does your cat urinate anywhere except your litter box? Why don’t they ever listen to us? It must be very frustrating but do not worry, you are not the only one stressed out! We’re all in this together.

Train Your Cat Today, Get Cat Spraying No More And You’Ll Know Everything You Need To Stop That Smelly Habit Your Cat Has!

About the Author

Sarah Richards is a fellow cat owner, who is a Veterinary Technician. She decided to adopt a cat, which was later named Timmy. Timmy was malnourished and was taken for granted by his previous owner.

The cat had the issue of peeing all over the place, maybe because of the habit he learned when living with his previous owner. That is why she tried to fix this by asking another professional for help. At first, she felt how absurd the suggestion the professional vet offered but she still tried it out.

The program aims to:

  • Share Insight: The package has a lot to offer, there is endless information about taking care of a cat, giving it proper nutrition, and techniques to train your cat.
  • Eliminate the Problem: Every cat owner has a problem with the cat urinating in different areas which is why Sarah Richards wants to help us out. In order for us to save money and know the top secret everyone should know!
  • Be Natural: In the package, herbal remedies will be introduced. This is one of my favorites because it is natural and healthy for you and your cat.


Reasons Your Cat Urinates Outside The Litter Box

  • Hygiene

Cats are aware of the littlest details, they have a stronger sense of smell than humans. The litter box might not be clean enough. For all I know, you probably clean it once or twice a week which is the first mistake you made.

How often should you clean your cat’s litter box?

As often as possible, twice a day is best and it is ideal if you clean it more. A dirty litter box is equivalent to a clogged public toilet with an awful smell (like it has not been cleaned for a week)

  • Medical Problems

Cats with diseases might have a hard time getting into the litter box. It is important to do a regular check up and do tests on the nearest vet.

The fast change of your cats behavior can be a sign that something is wrong.

  • Mental Health

Cats, and most animals, can have anxiety and stress like us, humans. In some cases, cats pee outside their litter box in order to relieve any negative sensations.

Sometimes, the reason why cats urinate in another area is to mark a certain object as theirs. They become territorial.

  • Place

A simple reason might be because the litter box is too far for them. Place it somewhere in the middle or adjust it where it is reachable.

There are different types of litter box, which one cat prefers but the other cat does not. So, it depends on their comfortability.

These are the major reasons cats do not urinate in their litter box. It is time to give some attention and observe them to know your cats preferences or behavior. You never know what is wrong when you do not pay attention! Even if I tried it out, my cat still does the same habit.

cat looking out the window

‘Cat Spraying No More’ Package

In the package contains the following:

  • Cat Training Bible

A book for all you need to know; tips and advice on how to train your cat and be aware of your cats behavior. The book aims for the owner to be knowledgeable and observable on the signs and symptoms the cat is showing.

As the title claims, it is more about the techniques to train your cat to behave accordingly, learn tricks and stay fit.

  • 101 Recipes For a Healthy Cat

As a cat owner, you want the best for your pet. There are recipes for your cat for them to stay healthy and give the right nutrients for them. You will never run out of ideas!

  • The Cat Care Blueprint

That is not all, ‘Cat Spraying No More’ Package also comes with an e-Book to help fellow pet owners to take care your cats the right way.

There are cases when we think that what we are doing is appropriate but the e-Book will give us an insight on the right way to treat your cat.

  • Pet Medical Recorder Software

Sarah Richards’ package comes with a software to help you track down the medical records of your cat because your cats health should be given importance!

It aims for you to be familiar with what’s going on with your cat and to remind you to have your cat checked in a vet.


  • More time (You do not have to clean your cats’ mess every single time!)
  • Cheap; therefore, you save money. (Major points for this one, you can buy your cat a new toy! Maybe purchase the bag you have been wanting)
  • Less stress. (You will be more relaxed when you get home)


  • Video presentation would have shown how to do the techniques.

orange cat


As a fellow cat owner, the ‘Cat Spraying No More’ has helped me in getting to know my cat, Sal. In a way, it has strengthened our bond and shed us light on the needs of a cat. You should give your cat as much affection and care he needs, be more observant and treat them special.

The website and the package has done more than any people could offer at such a low price. It has helped me in saving up on my time and money! So, my review for this is a big thumbs up!

Cat owners! What are you waiting for? Do not plan to use your money and buy an unproven product. You will be wasting more money if you do not make a move now!

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