A Bird Aviary Could Be Your Next DIY Project. Here Is How to Build One

A Bird Aviary Could Be Your Next DIY Project. Here Is How to Build One

If you are looking for your next DIY project them building an Aviary for your birds could be the next best project. An aviary which also known as a flying cage is an enclosure used for birds. Aviaries are known to have a large space enough to allow the birds to fly hence the name flying cage.

Things to Consider Before Building an Aviary

Like any other project there are a number of things you should out into consideration before starting your projects. These are the things that will by a big margin decide how successful your work will be. They include:

  • Quality-Consider the quality of the aviary you want to construct. If you do not need to keep on repairing and making changes then you will go for a strong and durable one. The time you are going to use the aviary will also affect the quality.
  • Location-Depending on your likes and space you need to choose. Are you going to build your aviary indoors or outdoors?
  • Materials-Now that you know the quality of the aviary that you want to build, you need to know all the materials required. Choose the type of material that will match with the quality.
  • Planning-You need to come up with a clear plan of the type of aviary that you want. You should decide if you want the plan from an expert or you can do it yourself.

Building Your Aviary                       

  1. Foundation and the floor

The foundation and the floor is very important since it will determine how much strong your aviary will be. Consider creating a foundation. For the floor, it is recommended 12 inches and use concrete.

A concrete floor will make work easier when cleaning or sweeping out the waste. You can also leave a small space to plant something non-toxic to make it more natural.

  1. Frame

An aviary cannot be enclosed like a house.However, you need a frame for supporting the walls and the roofing. Consider using plastic, stone or metal depending on your ability and other factors such as security.

  1. Walls and roofing

Since this is a structure meant for birds, it is important to use welded wire with convenient spaces.

Also use a good roofing that will protect your birds from predators.

The last step to this construction is making a good entrance convenient enough for you and the birds.

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